The Lemonade Diet – How the Power of a Lemon Can Melt the Pounds Away

The power of a lemon. It’s not very big, it’s yellow, it is sour to the taste, but it could be the key to your successful weight loss program. The lemonade diet is one of many detox diets currently being promoted on the web. Why even Hollywood celebrities are using the lemonade diet to lose weight right before filming there latest picture or to get in shape for a walk on the red carpet. But what is a lemonade diet? is it healthy? and can it help you lose weight?

The lemonade diet also known as the detox diet is a fasting program you follow for a certain number of days usually 3-10 days. The goal of the program is to remove toxins that have accumulated in the body.These toxins drain the body of energy. The lemonade diet has been around for over a 100 years but has just recently come back into vogue. Many followers of the lemonade diet report losing 1-2 pounds a day during the first 3-10 days of the diet. Then you can expect to lose about 2-4 pounds a week master cleanse recipe.

As far as health is concerned the lemonade diet can be very restrictive so your body may not get all the nutrients it needs while on the lemonade diet I recommend using a complete one a day vitamin to make sure your getting all the nutrients your body needs when on a detox diet. And as always consult your doctor before you start the lemonade diet or any other diet.

As I mentioned earlier following a detox diet can result in a rapid loss of weight a lot of this is junk and toxins that have been building up in your body for years that left alone can cause your health to deteriorate. Some other benefits of the lemonade diet are increase in energy, clearer skin, breaking a sugar dependency many people say that going on a detox diet was like discovering the fountain of youth. If you have trouble sticking with a diet then recruit a few of your friends and co-workers and have them do the lemonade diet with you. There is strength in numbers.

The detox diet could be just the thing your looking for to help you shed those extra pounds but as with any diet be sure to get some exercise in to help condition your heart you don’t have to work out for hours to get results.Take a walk, do some gardening, hit the gym, play with the kids, make love to your spouse just get active your heart will thank you for it.

So give the lemonade diet a shot. I hope the information here helps you improve the quality of your life. I have used the diet my self with great success losing 72 pounds. I am not going to tell you it was easy to do but it was worth it when I look in the mirror and see a new man looking back.

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